Hanes: tales, stories, legends & myths at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

I have work in the exhibition Hanes: tales, stories, legends & myths currently showing at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The exhibition is in two parts; part 1 running until 16 January in Gallery 1 and part 2 from 2 December to 21 January in Gallery 2. I am showing I Made These Words Into A Fist in part 1 and will be showing photographs of the temporary sculptural installations I made in the old growth forest at the Mustarinda residency in part 2.

Part 1 focuses on Welsh myths and legends with part 2 exploring fairy and folktales, and mythology more generally.

The exhibitions are curated by Steffan Jones-Hughes who I met along with some of the other artists involved and representatives from Arts Council Wales at the opening. It was a fantastic evening and I am delighted and humbled to be one of a few emerging artists showing in an incredible space alongside work from established artists including David Hockney and Bedwyr Williams.

I only took one photo at the opening but I am very proud of it. The wall text for I Made These Words Into A Fist in Welsh!