I Came Here Because at Embodied Cartographies

I will be showing my text work I Came Here Because at Embodied Cartographies at the Walcot Chapel in Bath (part of Fringe Arts Bath) from 27th May to 10th June. The work is being installed as a performance beginning at 12pm on 27th May and will be removed as a performance at 2pm on 10th June.

Some information:
I Came Here Because will be installed at Embodied Cartographies as text written in charcoal during a performance on Saturday 27th May. The text is a transcription of Lim’s daily journal of a long distance walk of 192 miles over ten days in June 2016 from his home in Herefordshire to the Tate Modern in London through all the places that he has lived in Britain. Crossing almost the width of England from west to east starting close to the Welsh border and arriving in London — by striking coincidence — on the day after the EU referendum, the journal is a personal record of a journey at an important political and cultural moment for Britain. Writing a journal is an act of remembering. Transcribing its text into the space is an act of reliving not only what was written but what was not, and of making the space integral to this iteration of the journal. At the closing performance on Saturday 10th June the text will be washed from the wall thereby removing the physical connection between space and text, allowing it to become memory and potential once again.

Embodied Cartographies will also feature a symposium on Wednesday 31st May, hosted by Bath Spa University, featuring a morning of performances and an afternoon of talks and discussions.