Goodbye to the Beach

Time is a strange thing, and whilst feeling that it might go on forever, my forty tides at Porth Melgan are now over. I had all kinds of weather, saw the sea shift the sands, scared myself silly at night and walked a total of around 100 miles to and from the beach. From initially struggling to remember them, the words became an automatic response to the rake and the sand. A ritual in the purest sense, usually unthinking, and with no tangible result.

At present there is no planned exhibition, talk, or publication, but I will consider opportunities that may come. images and video from each of the tides are collected together on my Instagram under the hashtag #TheWordsComeFromTheLand.

I must give a huge thank you to Ffion at Falcon Boats for putting me up for three weeks. It wouldn't have been possible to make this work without her. Please go on a boat trip with them if you are in Pembrokeshire, especially near St. Davids. Also thank you to Jackie Morris for helping me find the beach when I visited last January. It is an amazing place.

I have included it on this website in the Installation Gallery with a few very select images that show the varying conditions.

The Words Come From the Land