Art + Text Exhibition

I Made These Words Into A Fist will be part of the Art + Text exhibition at 44AD gallery in Bath from 21 to 26 Feb, curated by Kelly o'Brien and Sveta Da

I'm delighted to be able to exhibit this piece for the first time and I will also be making a new piece as a live performance at the private view, 6pm on the 21st Feb, the results of which will be on display for the remainder of the exhibition.

I Made These Words Into A Fist

:: "I Made These Words Into A Fist" is a hand written book which uses the names in The Mabinogion - a medieval collection of eleven Welsh tales, including legends and Arthurian tales - as its matter. The names were transcribed from an English translation (Sioned Davies, 2008) by hand, and contain the inconsistencies and errors that the process can entail. The first part of 'I Made These Words Into A Fist' consists of a transcribed list of all the names in order as they appear in the source material, and then proceeds to alter the material following arbitrary rules which alter the material and reveal different rhythms, poetics, networks and relationships between the words." ::